Thursday, February 15, 2018

Your LOVE makes me BIG - Tu AMOR me hace GRANDE

Photo taken in Tofino December 2017

Unexpected Messages through the virtual
Hearts & Songs
Voices of Friends
Formless Chocolate
Kisses & Hugs

Piercing & Opening
The Love
Spirals in 
Feeds the Cells
That dance in celebration 
And they Remember!
Oh, yes!
They know
The Love They ARE

I hear your Voice
And the Bliss of Life itself
Lifts me 
Carries me through
Reminds me
That I am
Oh, so much more!

Your LOVE makes me BIG!
¡Tu AMOR me hace GRANDE! 
The Heart Opens
Becomes Enormous
Everything fits in
And again
I see the Hand
The Hand of Friendship, Support & Love
It reaches out to me
"I am always Here for You
My LOVE is BIG!!"

And then just like Alice
I grow and grow
My Heart expands and expands
And I know
I am the LOVE! 

Your LOVE makes me BIG!
¡Tu AMOR me hace GRANDE!

Thank you to the Friend who sent this to me yesterday! 

¡Gracias Corazón!