Monday, December 04, 2017

Forever One

Photo taken in Jardin de Mar retreat centre in Gilet (near Valencia) in Spain (October 2017)

I am

I am
The Infinite

I am

I am
The Source of All
 The One & The Multiplicity 
Seeing itself in ourselves


My Multiple Arms reach out into Endless Life


My Endless Roots delve downwards into Eternal Space


 My Eternal Heart opens in Unceasing Love


We are One

We are One
 Song of Songs
Can you hear me?

No need to carry it all on those little shoulders
We are here to share the load

Breathe us in
Breathe us out
Shimmering Golden Life of Lives

We are
The Infinite Uniqueness
Mystery beyond Mystery

Be Here
And I shall show you the way
Hand in hand
For We are OnePulse

Take my Hand
Feel the Warmth of the One

One Quiver
One Vibration

You thought we were separate

Look again
Ask again
See again

The Hum of the Universe is singing 
The Lullaby of Life

A Life of Rest
A Life of Truth
A Life of Peace
A Life of Action 
Aligned with All
With ALL!

With All...

Forever One

Forever One

Forever One