Sunday, June 03, 2018

Dear Carlitos

Carlitos in his house with his loved ones (Torrevieja, Spain, 2018)

Dear Carlitos,
You left us yesterday
I wasn't ready...
But are we ever?
Are we ever ready
For a loved one to suddenly be gone
Never to be seen again?

So final!


Tears roll down
An Emptiness
That cannot be filled
A Realising
Of the Temporary
A Burning
That resists the Taking Away...


Ever-loving Compassion
Stands before you
Her Goldness 
Immortally Luminous
Shimmering her Voice
Sings of Unending Love 
And the 
Emptiness fills with Light
The Temporary becomes Permanent
The Burning transmutes into Peace

Dear Carlitos
Your Immortality
Is our Immortality
Ever in our House
Ever in our Hearts!

I thank you for having been here in temporary form
 Showing me the feline love and courage that I never knew existed
Opening my Heart to the Animal Beings
My Friends and Companions 
On this Mysterious Journey 
To the Heart of Immortality

Hugs and Sweet Nudges,
Carmy xxxx