Saturday, September 16, 2017

She is Change

Photo taken at Rolley Lake Summer 2017

She creeps up sometimes
Over time
Whispering incessantly
She comes to you
Speaking in an old lore
"Change is my name"
She says
Words of shimmering prophesy
Which slither through
The body and the mind
Towards the Heart

You hear Her
You feel Her
But not quite
"It cannot be"
You say
The gates of No
Slam tight around the Heart

Of course, She, the ever-insistent
Rustles in the wind of the mind
Burrows through the roots of the body
Lovingly but Fiercely
Pushes on that dam of fear!

Life shakes and goes hazy
A drowning no-life sets in
And then you realise
You're off track

"Can you hear me now?"
Is Her perpetual call
"Can you hear me now?"
"Can you hear me now?"
Soft and Sweet and True
The light comes through the trees
The colours brighten
The Greenness returns
"Yes, I hear You!"
The rush of love pours into the Heart
She, Change,
Able to run freely 
Explodes into the Spark
A spark of universal rays
Connecting you to your Priority
And then you know
You're on track again
Life becomes clear
Her waves take you
Where you're supposed to go
And you flow in Her unknown waters