Monday, September 28, 2015

Sitting Here Not Knowing

From a painting in my parents' house

Wrote the title
Sitting Here Not Knowing

What I did know
Come to the blog
Feel her energy
Her Alchemy
Alquimia del Corazón

Something wants to be
Humbly and Openly

Various ideas
Sweet and True
The beauty of Not Knowing

Just sit here
It'll show

Let's see
Which one draws you

Ah... La Virgen
The Mother and her Son
Surrounded by angelitos
The Spanish rises up
Of course!

Madre Mía
Te quiero con todo mi corazón
Tú, que me trajíste al mundo
Que me cuidaste
Que me amaste
Pequeña era
Y tú me llevabas de la mano
Ay... Gracias Mama

Madre Mía
Madre de Madres
Tu dulce bendición
Siempre conmigo
Enseñánadome el camino
Eres la Reina
La Alquimia en Espíritu
En muchas
En todas
Ay... Gracias Señora Mía

Too sweet
Too intimate
A painting
That has always been
Forever caring
All that reside
Under her roof

Sitting here not knowing
I do know
Your Love

And gratefully
I come to see you now
I come to love you
I come to care for you
To be patient
As you have always done

Sitting here not knowing
I know Thy love
Mother of Mothers
Forever in Thy arms
Sacred and Natural
I come to Thee now
I come to love Thee
To Honour Thee
Bow to Thee

Sitting here not knowing
I know I am here
Ever Grateful

Mama, te quiero te quiero te quiero
Virgencita, gracias gracias gracias
Por siempre estar

Sitting here sin saber

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Red Queen

Photo taken in London a few years ago. This flower feels very appropriately to be The Red Queen. 

She has visited regularly
A life-time of appearances
She has always been
Her ruby red warmth
Life itself

There used to be a begrudging 
A complaining
Not again
You are here 
Don't be here
Go away
You hurt

Then you made yourself visible

You became She
The Red Queen
The Life-Giver
Rich and Fertile
A Blood of Joy
Earthy Joy
So quiet
So inward

And the begrudging became a welcoming
The complaining, a bouquet of red roses
The hurt, an opportunity
For entering the inner world
For remembering the Old Ways
The True Ways
For gratitude
For honouring
For bowing unto the Royalty
Unto the Life-Nourisher
Unto She who creates
Unto She who gives birth

Forgive us for forgetting You
Oh Red Queen
Rejoice in our remembrance of You!
Celebrating the warm wisdom
That trickles and circulates
A crimson river of love

She is here

A Scarlet Alchemy of Feminine Force

The Red Queen