Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shaman in the Mirror

"Mirror" by Moyan Brenn Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

Looking at the Shaman
          In the Mirror
                    Discovered Her
                                          Him, It
                                                                      A long time ago
The Mirror becomes Water
         Its ripples
                                Dance in my Vision
                                                   Blurry and Well-like
Fascinated Am I
                                            As I look into the Eyes
                                                 The Multi-lived Eyes
                                                        That gaze upon 
The Me becomes meaningless
Dissolving all I-ness
                   Floating in
                                                                            The Reflection of the Shaman
Wisdom anchoring
                                     In these Profound Waters
The Eyes speaking
                       A thousand million Words
                       In one long deep Look
                                           Flickering and Shimmering
                                                                                  They tell of aeons of Experience
          And an Honour rises to the Surface
Shiny it is
                         Beyond Words
                                                        Beyond Sensations
               She, the Shaman, Smiles
Reflected Mirrored Marvel

Acknowledgement and Gratitude to "Women's Rites of Passage" by Hermitra Crecraft 
and an exercise called 'The Shaman in the Mirror'