Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 The Marigolds and the Sparrows

Jigsaw puzzle I did a few years ago

Feeling the urge
To write
To sing
The Heart
To say thank you
For 2014
To say thank you 
For this life
For 2015
For every second
For every delight
For every challenge
Thank you

Feeling the urge
To express
A reaffirming
A restating
Of this simplicity 
Living this moment
This real life
Without the burdens
Of the past
Without the burdens
Of the plans
Without the burdens
Of the complaining
Without the burdens
Of victimhood


The Warm Golden Oranges
Of the Marigolds


The Warm Joyousness
Of the Innocent Sparrow


The Marigolds and the Sparrows
Declare the easiness
The simplicity
The "back to basics"!!

The orange warmness penetrates
Roots the body into the deliciousness
Of the inner soil
The sweet sparrow sings its song
Opens the heart into the blueness
Of the inner skies

May the Peace and Love and Joy and Beauty of this Very Moment
Simple & Basic
Be So

As is the marigold
As is the sparrow

Thank you


The Marigolds image for the blog

This beautiful image I have used for the background of the blog is from Creative Commons.
 It is called Marigolds and was taken by Carol Von Canon.

CC Licence BC-ND-ND 2.0

Thank you Carol!