Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Fun I Felt Tonight

Cottage Bistro

The fun I felt tonight
The spin
The glee
The absolute joy
At sharing
With others
Who enjoy


Can we deny their alchemy?
And when read aloud
The energy with which they are read
It spirals and dives 
Into the heart of the listener
Who feels the intention
The emotion

The fun I felt tonight
As I read
As the reading 
Became an alive being
Full of Love and Joy
A hummingbird open heart
The Word
The joy of storytelling
The joy of letting it be free
Of answering the call to share!

Thank you, muse of muses
Source of All
For I bow to YOU!
I have written nothing!
I have read nothing!
I have done nothing!
All YOU!
I opened to you
I answered the call
And now
The ever-flowing sense of my heart bursting
As I realise
As I know
The fun I felt tonight
Is the confirmation
Is the wisdom
Is the knowing
This is the way
The Way of FUN
A fullness 
A satisfaction


Thank you to the TWS Reading Series at the Cottage Bistro. It was fun! 

Friday, January 01, 2016

She Passed

Photo taken from one of my mother's wreaths November 21st 2015

There is of course
Something scary
About that word
Noticed that
'She died'
Shocks rather
'She passed away'
Seems to soothe
All on its own
Nicer for me
The word 'away' 
Is much too far
For what I sense

Words only
Yet we know
The alchemy
The power
Not only words
More than words
A whole creation
A whole life
A whole manifestation
Of an energy expressed

Each will bring
Some sensation to you

I know
I have seen it
My mother 
Holding her hand
Singing in her ear
"You can do it!
Feel your wings, my love!
Time to fly, to soar
You are free to be!
You're going home
Free of form
Everlasting Youthfulness
Your Self that never ages

A transforming tear of relief
And a bittersweet
Pervades our souls 
As we both know
She cannot stay in form
She disappears
She leaves
She passes
And the Joyful Pain
At realising she has gone from my embrace
Has no words
No way of being expressed
I celebrate-grieve
Because it is perfect
She rests and is free
I celebrate-grieve
Because it is so sad
 I already yearn for her voice and laughter

But I am so happy
So happy to know
That this passing
Is a transformation
Is a going home
Is life, not death
For death is part of life
One cannot be separate from the other
It is a birthing
To another dimension
And I am so grateful
For witnessing this incredible life-changing transformative miraculous and magical moment
When my mother passed

She is
My heart
What Joy
At this knowing
What gratitude
At this knowing
What inspiration
To be born and To die
In the greatest of miracles
Life in form
Life in formlessness
Never-ending Life
Eternal Life

In honour of my mother Carmen Gómez Martínez 
who passed to another dimension on November 21st 2015.

The Primroses image for the blog

The primrose image used for the blog is by All Eminov. 
It is called Flowers: Primrose and is under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC 2.0.

Thanks All!