Thursday, March 30, 2017

Priority of the Heart - Spring Awakening

Photo taken in May 2016 Spain

I'd been seeing the snow
In the garden
In the picture
In the blog
For some time

Change was needed!
A new poem

But, the Priority of the Heart
A Mission impossible become possible
Leave the blog
Stay with me!
How could I resist
That Sweet
Demanding Call!?

Today, though
It stopped rainingggggg
And the Sun came out!
Surprising it felt

So I said
I gotta get out!

Swept the porch
Chatted with the hummingbird
Smelt the freshly-cut grass
Went for a walk
Gentle warm sun 
On my face
On my back
Yawn after yawn
Oohhh... energy spinning and cleansing!

Saw a hawk
A doggy or two
Dazzling daffodils
Violet posies
And a Rush of Bright Pink Camellias!
 Should've taken a photo but I didn't gorgeous

Got home
The blog was already singing
Write, write
Anything will do
Tap the keys
No thinking
Just Joy

And so here I am
No picture 
Of bright pink camellias
So you got
Bougainvillea from Spain!
Yes, in the pink!
A laugh
Loving YOU

And back to the Priority
Refreshed and new
Spring Awakening
Riches to add
Is the year
The year for YOU