Sunday, October 30, 2016

Just the Facts, Please

Rainbow in Vancouver can't remember when

The storm was wild
I couldn't stand 
The wind blew me over 
The rain hit so hard
It hurt


The fear
A tremble not from the cold

The thoughts
A spin not from the reality 

This is too much
I'm going to die in this
No one is here
I'm alone
No help
What are those shadows over there?
If I die, who's going to look after the cat?
Why is this happening to me?

Shivering and tense
Fear gnawing
The mind spewing 
Hell on Earth


Crystal clear

"Just the facts, please!!"

I wake up

I breathe and smile

I hang onto the majestic oak tree in front of me
The storm is wild
The wind blows and blows 
But I hold on
It's pouring
But the branches and leaves shelter me from the sting

There is some fear
There are some thoughts

But I know what they are
And they ain't the facts, that's for sure!

The storm calms
The wind rests
The rain stops

Lesson learnt

Just the facts if you please!