Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trust and Faith

Cinders by Dan Tentler  CC BY-NC-2.0

What wants to be said?
Trust and Faith
I have no idea
Trust and Faith

The blog entices and calls
Nothing has been prepared
Who needs preparation
To be here
Right now?
Trust and Faith

The burning is here
The love is here
The knowing of what is needed
Is here
Yes, it's true
I don't know
The next line
The full purpose
Of feeling the urge
To sit here

Trust and Faith
Two words that came
In the second line
I had no idea
And now
I feel the burst
The Burst of Joy
As yet again
Any doubt is turned to cinders
Refuelling the Fire of Creativity
Sowing the seeds
In the Earthy Heart of Infinite Creation

Trust and Faith
You know
You know
I bow
I bow

Trust and Faith
You know!
Listen to the Truth
And then
You'll know
Trust and Faith