Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Owl

Picture of Owl - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com
Photo by Ian Britton CC Non commercial - Non derivative 3.0 Licence
Surprised us it did
Soaring out of a tree
Into full view

Surprised us it did
Gently landing on a branch
Right in front of us


So silent it was
Its eyes blinking
Considering us it seemed
Those 2-legged creatures
Down there

Smile could I but not
For here was Owl
In full view
In full presence
And the Heart sang and danced in joyful glee!

It's Owl!


Bowed my head I did
Stare not
Owl looked upon us
After all, we were in full view!
These 2 -legged ones
Funny are they
The way they stand there
So still

Smile again I do
As we gently leave
For who would wish to leave such silence
Such calmness
Such naturalness?


Bye, Owl!
Twas an honour to meet you!