Saturday, February 15, 2014

In Her Rainbow Form

Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow,

She comes
In so many forms
I stand breathtaken
In her Beauty

Her colours
Say and Dance
The Rainbow Path
Life Itself
I stand awe-inspired
In her Complexity
In her Simplicty
"For One cannot be without the Other"

She´s Here
In all her forms
For You to see
For You to meet
For You to Welcome
Look around
She comes to YOU

The Spiralling Swirl of the snake-like Caduceus
Healing & Announcing
For She is Love in Action
A Rainbow of Gloriousness
Piercing into the Skies of the Heart
Fireworks of Love
Exploding in the Movement of Life

I cannot resist Her
And nor do I wish to
For aeons I have awaited Her
Without knowing
And then I knew!
What Joyous Joy!!

And again the Angels´trumpets sound
And I dive into Her Riverlike Rainbow
Into the Void of Fullness
Softly sinking into Her
Letting Her Touch me

Joy Joy Joy
Silent Silent Silent
I hear Thee I hear Thee I hear Thee

And the rich rainbow river takes me to the Sea of Seas


The movement, the action... all rest...
For "One cannot be without the Other"