Friday, July 21, 2017

Fireworks of Silence

"Fireworks" taken by Lafe: Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0

It went dark
Out there
Lights turned on
An urban Shininess
Illuminating Nature's sleep

Warm inside
The Centre stirs
A corporeal Glow
Radiating Life's closeness

The eyes close
A calming Silence explodes
An expansion of Light
Clearing the messy noise

Fireworks of Sparkling Silence!

It was dark
In there

And then 

The Light suddenly burst into Silence
Shooting Stars of Pure Stillness
Open the Heart
Calm the Mind
Sing the Moment


Sleepy now
The Silence swirls and glitters
It leads me
Into the Dreamworld
Excited and resigned
I fall into the Light
The Explosion of Life eternally alive