Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Goldness

"Star": Free Image on Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

I like the way
The feeling appears
The need to get up from bed
Shakes off the sleepiness
The title comes in glitter
A few shimmering words
A burning
In the Heart
Computer is on
Blog is found
Image searched for
The Goldness felt
That glittered words
Shines in sparkling star petals
As I allow
As I honour
The poem
The expressing
To speak
To manifest
As I open
To the call of the Gold
Of the Alchemy
Shouts in gloriously soft whispers
Beckons in sultry innocence
Follow the Heart
Follow the Truth
To Follow the Gold!

In the word
All that is indescribable
Makes itself known
In its unknowingness
The Golden Word
Reaches out
Its gilded dazzle
Pierces where no word penetrates
Into a remembrance
Into a reality
Only the Alchemy
The Magical Inexplicable 
Can achieve

I see YOU
And I melt into YOU
Everything makes sense
Where sense does not even exist
Nothing is needed
Gratitude zooms in
Like an opening door of light
Opens at full blinding clarity
Clearing the greyness
YOU are here
So grateful
So grateful
Bathe I do in YOU
Golden Light of Lights
Thank you for the blessing
The Alchemy of Nurturing
YOU provide
I am birthed again
The Goldness


The Word Made Alquimia
The Word Made Gold

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sitting Here Not Knowing

From a painting in my parents' house

Wrote the title
Sitting Here Not Knowing

What I did know
Come to the blog
Feel her energy
Her Alchemy
Alquimia del Corazón

Something wants to be
Humbly and Openly

Various ideas
Sweet and True
The beauty of Not Knowing

Just sit here
It'll show

Let's see
Which one draws you

Ah... La Virgen
The Mother and her Son
Surrounded by angelitos
The Spanish rises up
Of course!

Madre Mía
Te quiero con todo mi corazón
Tú, que me trajíste al mundo
Que me cuidaste
Que me amaste
Pequeña era
Y tú me llevabas de la mano
Ay... Gracias Mama

Madre Mía
Madre de Madres
Tu dulce bendición
Siempre conmigo
Enseñánadome el camino
Eres la Reina
La Alquimia en Espíritu
En muchas
En todas
Ay... Gracias Señora Mía

Too sweet
Too intimate
A painting
That has always been
Forever caring
All that reside
Under her roof

Sitting here not knowing
I do know
Your Love

And gratefully
I come to see you now
I come to love you
I come to care for you
To be patient
As you have always done

Sitting here not knowing
I know Thy love
Mother of Mothers
Forever in Thy arms
Sacred and Natural
I come to Thee now
I come to love Thee
To Honour Thee
Bow to Thee

Sitting here not knowing
I know I am here
Ever Grateful

Mama, te quiero te quiero te quiero
Virgencita, gracias gracias gracias
Por siempre estar

Sitting here sin saber

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Red Queen

Photo taken in London a few years ago. This flower feels very appropriately to be The Red Queen. 

She has visited regularly
A life-time of appearances
She has always been
Her ruby red warmth
Life itself

There used to be a begrudging 
A complaining
Not again
You are here 
Don't be here
Go away
You hurt

Then you made yourself visible

You became She
The Red Queen
The Life-Giver
Rich and Fertile
A Blood of Joy
Earthy Joy
So quiet
So inward

And the begrudging became a welcoming
The complaining, a bouquet of red roses
The hurt, an opportunity
For entering the inner world
For remembering the Old Ways
The True Ways
For gratitude
For honouring
For bowing unto the Royalty
Unto the Life-Nourisher
Unto She who creates
Unto She who gives birth

Forgive us for forgetting You
Oh Red Queen
Rejoice in our remembrance of You!
Celebrating the warm wisdom
That trickles and circulates
A crimson river of love

She is here

A Scarlet Alchemy of Feminine Force

The Red Queen

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Message in a Mug

You came in a box of tea
A little message
On a piece of string
To give weight and pull
Its practical function
On a fragrant tea-bag
The message modestly
Hangs over
The blue-flowered mug
They seem
The hot water pours
Into the mug with a yellow sea of blue flowers
Steam showers upwards
While two eager hands
Embrace the garden-arrayed mug
Appreciative & Grateful
Mmmm... nice cup of hot tea
And in my favourite mug
Silent words from the heart
Only seen
In that knowingly satisfied smile
Oh, a message!
Always fun to see
The Universe writing to you
You love it!
The Universe loves it!
Its signs to see
A gift for you
Orange-rimmed glasses
Small print
Just two words
Must be a jewel
Clothed in perfumed chamomile
Waiting to be read
Knowing that reading
Necessary is not
For messages come in all directions
For you to see
For you to receive
A Gift of Gold
Two fingers excitedly hold
The humble message
Honouring & Enjoying
The Universe's mirth
Noticing miracle messages
That can come in the dozens
Gifts for you
Intimate conversations
Received by the Heart
Oh, send me a message
Universe of Universes!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hmm... Here it is...

Be heard

The seven letters




Dance into the open heart
Laughter & Recognition
Deep deep contentment
Yes, I'm paying attention!
Ah, so apt!
Of course
Can one doubt the aptness of a sacred message?

Be heard
Be heard
Be heard

I take a sip of daisy tea
Chamomile wrapped
In a bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots
OK, OK, I get it!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
More messages?

Be heard

Sip, sip, the hot liquid
Spirals in between the Words
Words of Alchemy
Mmm... Alquimiaaaa

Chamomile Daisy + Forget-Me-Not + Love + Gratitude + Openness
= A Message from You

Be heard

The alchemy does its golden chemistry
The Words transform
This moment
This eternity
This stillness
No time needed
To say
To hear!

Be heard

I lay down
The Messenger Mug
Close the eyes
Savouring & Relishing
The simplicity of it all
The complexity of it all
The delicious mystery of it all

And I rest
In the Sea
A Never-ending Alchemical Elixir
A two-worded
Message from the Universe

Be heard

Here is the mug and the message :)

And some honouring needed:

The title "Message in a Mug" is inspired by Sting's "Message in a Bottle". 
Now I want to hear the song so I'll share it here too. :)

Oh, and the tea-bags with messages are from 
Traditional Medicinals, Organic Chamomile

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Inspiration for The Word Made Alquimia

"Alchemy Comet" by JB Banks, Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0

The Word Made Alquimia*

I hear the Word
And melt do I
In its rich transformative gold

The rainbow colours
Spiral and Whirl
I cannot resist
I cannot resist

I open to Thee
Word of Words
Inspire do You
As you travel inside me
Sensual & Ecstatic
I melt in You
Inspiring & Opening
I fly in You

Take me
Transform me
I am Yours

And I bow unto Thee
In Humility
Celebrating the Mystery
The Word

*"The Word Made Alquimia" is inspired by the phrase from St.John's Gospel in the New Testament, "The Word made flesh". 

This is a phrase that I have heard since childhood. It comes to me often and its meaning has spiralled and changed as I have spiralled and changed. What is clear, though, is the power of the Word. I experience it as it pours onto a blank page... I experience it when the Words spoken aloud point me back Home, to the Heart.

Here's a modern rendering of John's words from the New International Version Bible. I do love it but there is something that I feel I must add, in all honour and respect to THIS that we Are. So underneath, I have written another version that comes straight from the Heart, again with honour and respect. 

John 1:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Another version with some Words added 
(non-official, just from the Heart, right now):

"The Word became flesh and made her-his-their dwelling among us. We have seen their-his-her glory, the glory of the one and only Son-Daughter, who came from the Mother-Father, full of grace and truth."

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The first blog: Follow the Heart, Sigue el Corazón

Photo taken in Pacific Spirit Regional Park in Vancouver

A blog has been present
Since the poems began
The words started playing on a page
And then appeared in a blog
It's been like a process
No doubt about that

Follow the Heart, Sigue el Corazón
Was the name of the first blog
Named because of the first poem
In English & Spanish the Words appeared
I'll find the poem
And post it here at the end

Other names appeared too
Living the Creative Force You Are
An experiment again
Playing and Seeing

And now
It's come to an end
To let a beginning
Flow in freedom
To let the Alchemy
Soar in Rainbow Flowers
With one mission
One intention:

May the Words Here
Celebrate the Presence
We Are
Taking you on an Inner Journey

And so
The Word Made Alquimia
Comes to life
As I say Goodbye to
Follow the Heart, Sigue el Corazón
Honour & Love
Happy & Content

Thank you!
Maria Del Carmen Stubbs

Here is the poem Following the Heart in English and Spanish, 
published on January 16th 2009. 
There are many other poems from the original blog 
that I may share again some day. 
We'll see. Much Love.

Following the Heart
Sometimes have to say NO

The tummy feels sick

Such is the power of having to say NO

What does this mean?

NO: This will not please "the other"

NO: I will not be loved

NO: I am an unhelpful, non-loving person

In a phrase: A Bad Girl

The Good Girl Syndrome

Oh, YES! Very, very powerful!

"Be a good girl..."

Lots of rewards: "You're such a good girl!"

Pats on the head & smiles & hugs

What a message! YES, YES, I want to be good!

YES: This pleases "the other"

YES: I will be loved

YES: I am a helpful, loving person

In a phrase: A Good Girl

BUT this is deceptive, you find out!

This doesn't always work out

"The other" knows you're a good girl

You get manipulated. And you realise!

You realise: "I'm stupid!"

Next lesson: "I'm not going to be good!"

Being good equals being a fool

I'm going to say NO

NO: I don't care if you're pleased or not

NO: Who needs love?!

NO: I want to be unhelpful & non-loving to PROTECT myself!

In a phrase: A Bad Girl

Phew! What a life!

Lots of lessons

But am I happy with this realisation?

To protect myself from "the other", be unhelpful

"NOOOOO! Boo! Hoo!" The Love cries!!!

My heart is broken

Everything is grey!

Life can't be this fear!


And one day you hear "Follow your heart"

And you hear "Be yourself"

Many other sacred words and pointers

"Follow your heart!"

Someone tells you "There are 'high-quality NOS"

High-quality NO?


New lessons appear

You begin to follow your heart

"The other" is seen to be part of your heart

Not someone who wants something from you

You see the Truth!

And then: The Truth can be spoken

It can be, "YES", "NO", "I DON'T KNOW"

All from the Heart!

YES, you have to be brave


And the sickly feeling in the tummy

YES, it might appear now and then

YES, it's been a deep-seated habit!

(Perhaps it's not really 'sickly' after all!)

Tell the Truth! Follow the Heart!

Sometimes it's a NO, but it's a loving NO!

And a loving NO is a YES!


Siguiendo el Corazón

A veces hay que decir que NO

La barriga siente angustia

Tal es el poder de tener que decir que NO

¿Qué significa esto?

NO: Esto no complacerá al “otro”

NO: No seré amado

NO: No soy una persona amable ni cariñosa

En una frase: Una Niña Mala

El Síndrome de la Niña Buena

¡Oh, SÍ! ¡Muy, muy poderoso!

"Sé una niña buena..."

Muchas recompensas: "¡Eres una niña tan buena!"

Caricias en la cabeza & sonrisas & abrazos

¡Qué mensaje! SÍ, SÍ, ¡Quiero ser buena!

SÍ: Esto complace al “otro”

SÍ: Seré amada

SÍ: Soy una persona amable y cariñosa

En una frase: Una Niña Buena

PERO esto es engañoso, ¡es lo que averiguas!

Esto no siempre funciona

"El otro" sabe que eres una niña buena

Te manipulan. ¡Y te das cuenta!

Te das cuenta: "¡Soy tonta!"

Siguiente lección: "¡No voy a ser buena!"

Ser buena es igual a ser tonta

Voy a decir que NO

NO: Me da igual que estés complacido o no

NO: ¡¿Quién necesita el amor?!

NO: No quiero ser ni amable ni cariñosa para ¡PROTEGERME!

En una frase: Una Niña Mala

¡Uf! ¡Qué vida!

Muchas lecciones

¿Pero soy feliz con esta comprensión?

Protegerme del “otro”, no ser amable

"¡NOOOOO! ¡Buaaa!" ¡¡¡El Amor grita!!!

Mi corazón está roto

¡Todo está gris!

¡La Vida no puede ser este temor!


Y un día oyes "Sigue tu corazón"

Y oyes "Sé tú misma"

Otras muchas palabras y señaladores sagrados

"¡Sigue tu corazón!"

Alguien te dice "Hay NOES de ‘alta calidad’”

¿Un NO de alta calidad?


Aparecen nuevas lecciones

Empiezas a seguir tu corazón

Al "otro" se le ve como parte de tu corazón

No como alguien que quiere algo de ti

¡Ves la Verdad!

Y entonces: Se puede hablar la Verdad

Puede ser, "SÍ", "NO", "NO LO SÉ"

¡Todos desde el Corazón!

SÍ, tienes que ser valiente


Y la sensación angustiosa en la barriga

SÍ, puede aparecer de vez en cuando

SÍ, ¡ha sido un hábito profundamente arraigado!

(¡Quizás realmente no es ‘angustioso’ después de todo!)

¡Di la Verdad! ¡Sigue el Corazón!

A veces es un NO, pero es un NO desde el amor!

Y un NO desde el amor es un ¡SÍ!