Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mission Complete

From a card I received

Mission Complete

I leave this house

So many memories


In its treasures


The support from the Divine

I declare it

With no hesitation

For the Divine

Is here

Where else could it be?



Or so obvious

So close


Do I really need to be in this house

To know

Its secrets


Of course not

The magical

The mystery

Spiral around 

What seems to be me


I am

The Divine


In the heart

Mission Complete

I feel empty and full

Content, yet sad



The Divine




Close by

So close

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

For all the help and guidance


So much LOVE
So much WISDOM

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Three roses from the rosebush that was given to my mum on Mother's Day 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Just the Facts, Please

Rainbow in Vancouver can't remember when

The storm was wild
I couldn't stand 
The wind blew me over 
The rain hit so hard
It hurt


The fear
A tremble not from the cold

The thoughts
A spin not from the reality 

This is too much
I'm going to die in this
No one is here
I'm alone
No help
What are those shadows over there?
If I die, who's going to look after the cat?
Why is this happening to me?

Shivering and tense
Fear gnawing
The mind spewing 
Hell on Earth


Crystal clear

"Just the facts, please!!"

I wake up

I breathe and smile

I hang onto the majestic oak tree in front of me
The storm is wild
The wind blows and blows 
But I hold on
It's pouring
But the branches and leaves shelter me from the sting

There is some fear
There are some thoughts

But I know what they are
And they ain't the facts, that's for sure!

The storm calms
The wind rests
The rain stops

Lesson learnt

Just the facts if you please!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

There Is Something Beautiful

Photo taken a couple of years ago near UBC in Vancouver 

There is something beautiful
About the rain
In Vancouver
The early hours paint themselves
In a calming greyness
A veil of misty drizzle
Cloaking the city in 

There is something beautiful
About looking out through the window
Onto that
Painting of dark green 
Their silhouettes 
Appearing in the

There is something beautiful
About sitting
Here on this purple sofa
Green blanketed with tea at hand
And writing this down
The soothing grey humming

There is something beautiful
About the quiet gratitude
Of seeing all this beauty
From the living-room
Early on a Saturday morning at 6.30am...

I let myself be
Cloaked too
By this
Mysterious misty rainfallness
Soothed and refreshed
Peaceful and relaxed
Happy and content


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shaman in the Mirror

"Mirror" by Moyan Brenn Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

Looking at the Shaman
          In the Mirror
                    Discovered Her
                                          Him, It
                                                                      A long time ago
The Mirror becomes Water
         Its ripples
                                Dance in my Vision
                                                   Blurry and Well-like
Fascinated Am I
                                            As I look into the Eyes
                                                 The Multi-lived Eyes
                                                        That gaze upon 
The Me becomes meaningless
Dissolving all I-ness
                   Floating in
                                                                            The Reflection of the Shaman
Wisdom anchoring
                                     In these Profound Waters
The Eyes speaking
                       A thousand million Words
                       In one long deep Look
                                           Flickering and Shimmering
                                                                                  They tell of aeons of Experience
          And an Honour rises to the Surface
Shiny it is
                         Beyond Words
                                                        Beyond Sensations
               She, the Shaman, Smiles
Reflected Mirrored Marvel

Acknowledgement and Gratitude to "Women's Rites of Passage" by Hermitra Crecraft 
and an exercise called 'The Shaman in the Mirror'

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trust and Faith

Cinders by Dan Tentler  CC BY-NC-2.0

What wants to be said?
Trust and Faith
I have no idea
Trust and Faith

The blog entices and calls
Nothing has been prepared
Who needs preparation
To be here
Right now?
Trust and Faith

The burning is here
The love is here
The knowing of what is needed
Is here
Yes, it's true
I don't know
The next line
The full purpose
Of feeling the urge
To sit here

Trust and Faith
Two words that came
In the second line
I had no idea
And now
I feel the burst
The Burst of Joy
As yet again
Any doubt is turned to cinders
Refuelling the Fire of Creativity
Sowing the seeds
In the Earthy Heart of Infinite Creation

Trust and Faith
You know
You know
I bow
I bow

Trust and Faith
You know!
Listen to the Truth
And then
You'll know
Trust and Faith

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Silver Sea of Soothingness

Photo taken in Vancouver 2010

The Shimmering Ripples
Move magically
Enticing me
Mesmerizing me
Luring me
Into the Silverness

This Sea of Seas
This Source of Continuous Soothing Waves
Ever invites
Calling out to me
In mermaid melodies
Swim in me!
My Love
Swim in my silver waters!


It was a disturbing dream
Agitated turns
This way and that
Woke up
Feet on the ground now

I can hear You
Swim in me!
Cleanse yourself
In the Soothingness
The Silver Transmuter of all disturbance
The Argentate Alquimia


I dive in!
Am I!
The Silverness penetrates
I am replenished
I am
Into Swirls of Pure Silver Energy
That transmute any disturbance
Into Spirals of Silvery Sparkles
Do I
In dolphin-like glee


What gloriousness
As all I and Me
As the Silver Waters I am
Pour out to the Heavens
In Resplendent and Lustrous Spears
Opening into
A Shooting Star!

Fly up into the celestial clouds
Silver Shooting Star!

Born from the Ripples of Life
Sea to Sky
A sense of I
As I feel my Silvered Shooting Star Essence
In the Airy Inner Sea of Soothingness

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Fiery Strength of Nothingness

Fiery Spiral
(Original title: Background 876 by Sabine Sauermaul. Licence: Public Domain)

So much
In one split second
A new world seen
Sometimes so little
Aeons pass
An old world pervades
All inter-connectedly play
In the new and old world of dreams
A dream world called reality

One day
You find out
The dream is not the reality
The Real

And then
You find out
Is so full
Of Love
Of Peace
Of Joy
Of Creativity
Of Space and Contentedness
Of Openness
Of Gratitude
Of Tingling Sacredness and Depth
Of Earthy Soaring Here-Now-Completeness
Of Life Itself

You peep out there
Into the dream
And see those
Multi-Coloured Spirals of Nothingness
Swirling Threads of Life
Connecting All!
The awe of the Mystery
Warms the body
Grounding the abdomen with the earth

At times
The dream can be a nightmare
A fiery fury
Heats up the face
In angry recognition
Mixed with frustration and sadness
The boiling reddening explodes in the face
Energy dancing around the head
It grabs your entrails
In tight closure
Unspoken outrage bubbles and broils
Making this unbearable dream
Like a raging burning 
That no water can placate!

And then
A Gift of Nothingness:
A sweet hummingbird suddenly flies to your face
In welcoming joy
It chirps its glorious and full song
Waking you up!

And then
You remember
This Nothingness
Can hold all the nightmares
In Solid Love

The burning desperation 
Drops down, down, down
Into the depths
Freeing all outraged tightness
The fiery steam loosening
Flaring and Flaming
So hot
So much to feel
But you feel it
Trust it
Understand its unanswered ache
That now is answered and felt

It is
The Fiery Love
The Furnace of Life
As anger, frustration and sadness
 Ardent Alchemy in Action
Scorching Strength
Pure Purpose
Joy of Knowing

Let the Fire burn!!

Oh, Flame of Flames
Your gifts are thousand-fold!
The body remembers
Its Natural Transmuting Alchemy
A Diamond Solidness
To come forth
It offers
A Trueness of Being
Never felt before
It steps 
Into the world
The world of dreams
In a new Strength
The Solid, Fiery, Spiralling Strength

Note of Gratitude: 
I want to re-acknowledge the blessing of having so many incredible, wise "Guides of Nothingness" in my Life. 

Thank you so much to: (In order of appearance! :))

Tomas Stubbs        moniandtomas.blogspot.ca/p/tomas.html
Palmy Guerrero
Eckhart Tolle         www.eckharttollenow.com
Moni Vangolen      moniandtomas.blogspot.ca/p/moni.html
Pamela Wilson      www.pamelasatsang.com/

In the end, of course, the guides are many or all! But the above have been, are being my constant teachers, mentors, guides of BEING. No words can express this adequately. 
I love you and thank you. :)

Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Fun I Felt Tonight

Cottage Bistro

The fun I felt tonight
The spin
The glee
The absolute joy
At sharing
With others
Who enjoy


Can we deny their alchemy?
And when read aloud
The energy with which they are read
It spirals and dives 
Into the heart of the listener
Who feels the intention
The emotion

The fun I felt tonight
As I read
As the reading 
Became an alive being
Full of Love and Joy
A hummingbird open heart
The Word
The joy of storytelling
The joy of letting it be free
Of answering the call to share!

Thank you, muse of muses
Source of All
For I bow to YOU!
I have written nothing!
I have read nothing!
I have done nothing!
All YOU!
I opened to you
I answered the call
And now
The ever-flowing sense of my heart bursting
As I realise
As I know
The fun I felt tonight
Is the confirmation
Is the wisdom
Is the knowing
This is the way
The Way of FUN
A fullness 
A satisfaction


Thank you to the TWS Reading Series at the Cottage Bistro. It was fun! 

Friday, January 01, 2016

She Passed

Photo taken from one of my mother's wreaths November 21st 2015

There is of course
Something scary
About that word
Noticed that
'She died'
Shocks rather
'She passed away'
Seems to soothe
All on its own
Nicer for me
The word 'away' 
Is much too far
For what I sense

Words only
Yet we know
The alchemy
The power
Not only words
More than words
A whole creation
A whole life
A whole manifestation
Of an energy expressed

Each will bring
Some sensation to you

I know
I have seen it
My mother 
Holding her hand
Singing in her ear
"You can do it!
Feel your wings, my love!
Time to fly, to soar
You are free to be!
You're going home
Free of form
Everlasting Youthfulness
Your Self that never ages

A transforming tear of relief
And a bittersweet
Pervades our souls 
As we both know
She cannot stay in form
She disappears
She leaves
She passes
And the Joyful Pain
At realising she has gone from my embrace
Has no words
No way of being expressed
I celebrate-grieve
Because it is perfect
She rests and is free
I celebrate-grieve
Because it is so sad
 I already yearn for her voice and laughter

But I am so happy
So happy to know
That this passing
Is a transformation
Is a going home
Is life, not death
For death is part of life
One cannot be separate from the other
It is a birthing
To another dimension
And I am so grateful
For witnessing this incredible life-changing transformative miraculous and magical moment
When my mother passed

She is
My heart
What Joy
At this knowing
What gratitude
At this knowing
What inspiration
To be born and To die
In the greatest of miracles
Life in form
Life in formlessness
Never-ending Life
Eternal Life

In honour of my mother Carmen Gómez Martínez 
who passed to another dimension on November 21st 2015.

The Primroses image for the blog

The primrose image used for the blog is by All Eminov. 
It is called Flowers: Primrose and is under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC 2.0.

Thanks All!